Until success: assembly of components, packaging & Co.

The sum is more: assembly, packaging and testing.

KOMOS produces precise, top-quality stamped, plastic injection-molded and turned parts for you, which are often just parts of something bigger - and therefore also takes over the complete product and component assembly for you.

Components, (focus: electromechanical) assemblies and finished products, optically demanding parts in small, medium and large series: For the highest quality, we develop specific manufacturing and testing procedures according to your requirements, from spot checks to 100% inspections. And finally, we package your products as desired.

This is part of our systemic approach - made possible by our technology network of stamping/forming, CNC turning and plastic injection molding as well as all matching services such as component assembly. Thanks to the outstanding manufacturing breadth and depth and our own R&D department, we can go the entire way with you from your idea - if necessary also via component assembly - to your successful product.

From subassembly to the packaged product: the KOMOS Plus.


Assembly and more

KOMOS is large enough for the necessary equipment - and flexible enough for all your assembly requirements, even with

  • Assembly of components from manual to fully automatic
  • Subassembly single part production and assembly
  • Further processing
  • Series development
  • Refinement

Quality monitoring

We also don't lose sight of quality when it comes to subassembly - and we do it just as precisely as you want it:

  • Constant monitoring in production and assembly by quality management - from random samples to 100 % control
  • Development of special processes adapted to the specifications of your product


Single part, result of assembly or 100% tested product: From carefully by hand to fully automated, we pack your product exactly as the product and you require.

Convincing plastic injection molding solutions for your product

Your direct contact:

Rolf Schmei├čer

Sales Manager

+49 36692 490 34


The KOMOS experts are ready to support you and your company in component assembly, quality testing and packaging, in product and technology development - and look forward to your challenge!


KOMOS processes for you

Plastic (PA, ABS, PC, POM, ASA, blends, PE, PS, PP, PUR, TPE)
Steel (free cutting steel, stainless steel)
Non-ferrous metals (brass, aluminum, copper, bronze)
Special materials (hard paper, foils)


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