We are the suitable partner for manufacturing your punching parts. In order to become fair your non-standard desires, have we different punching machines for you.

Our punching and deformation techniques

  • Automatic punching machine with an area of application of 63 - 600 kN
  • Eccentric presses within the range of 160 - 2,000 kN with direction and CNC feeder for tape materials with 12 - 250 mm broad
  • Hydraulic presses of 31 - 1,000 kN

With our machines we implement easy to very fastidious punching work with always continuous quality. We operate precisely and reliably after your specifications.

To your needs your parts keep the final touch adapted after the punching and shaping process. Barrel finishing, hardnesses, powder coating, thread cutting and the surface processing belong to the shaping process.

Processing of

  • Steel, high-grade steel
  • Brass, copper, bronze, aluminum
  • laminated paper, plastic


  • Glass finish, hardnesses, coating
  • Order picking of accessories kits

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